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Pressed into Service

In Food on February 8, 2010 at 3:39 pm

Friday’s lunch was quite decadent as was dinner, thanks to some pressed caviar I purchased at Petrossian in West Hollywood. While pressed caviar is traditionally made from the “dregs” or leftovers, Christopher Klapp, GM at Petrossian, says “we use the same high quality caviar that we would sell jarred/canned…so we are using 100% Transmontanus caviar with a new Petrossian recipe so we do not need to use the leftovers. We would never want people to accept us giving them anything but the best caviar products possible!”

It’s pretty dreamy stuff, and Petrossian’s chef Ben Bailly likes to toss with pasta, which sounds incredible. In reading my email this morning, I discovered that both Christopher and I had the same dinner on Friday night—grilled steaks smothered with pressed caviar! We both agree that the steaks were good, but chef Ben Bailly did one better and made a light red wine sauce to go over theirs. Here are the grilled ribeyes (sans sauce) that Mr Foodinista and I enjoyed with a glass of Nicholas Feuillatte brut rosé. Talk about surf and turf!

It was a fun, if pricey, experiment but I’m not sure that I would repeat it as the flavors were perhaps a little lost in the fatty richness of the ribeye. I would, however, gladly repeat my breakfast experiment the following morning – every day of the week if money allowed! I mixed in some of this super concentrated pressed caviar with scrambled eggs and topped with a little cracked pepper and a dollop of sour cream. Whoa, was this good—little salty surprises in each bite and the intensity of flavor simply sublime. Now if only I could win the lottery…

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