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Chicken and Spice and All Things Nice

In Food on January 31, 2010 at 9:28 am

While Tiny G was napping on Friday, his nanny, Ana, planned the BEST surprise in honor of my husband’s recent birthday. I came home to find chilies soaking in water (above). On the stove, a fragrant onion was simmering with red beans.

Though Ana is from El Salvador (where black beans are favored), she prefers to make red beans with rice and cooks amazing Mexican fare, which she learned from her former Mexican mother-in-law. While the red beans simmered, chicken and oregano sizzled in a skillet.

She makes a killer fresh tomato and chile sauce to spoon over rice and beans…

Which are the bomb along with my husband’s very favorite chicken enchiladas, which she drizzles with crema and tops with mozzarella and green onions.

Next time I’ll try to observe the technique for the tomato sauce. It tastes super fresh, and I love the heat. I also think it would be great in a Bloody Mary situation. Speaking of which, one of those might be in my immediate future… I’m meeting SinoSoul blogger Tony C and former colleague / current editrix of EaterLA Kat Odell for brunch at an undisclosed location a couple hours from now…

  1. Mmmmm … tomato chili sauce bloody mary situation.

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