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Pot (Pie) Can Be Habit Forming

In Food on January 25, 2010 at 4:55 pm

When my friend Katie emailed yesterday that she was making chicken pot pie for dinner, I had to SWF her. She was using a recent recipe from the LA Times for Classic Chicken, Leek and Fennel Pot Pie, which offered two different savory pie crust options. We both opted for Savory Pie Dough #2 (I am, after all, the Jennifer Jason Leigh to her Bridget Fonda), which involved cream cheese in the dough. And by “we” opted, I mean my sister made the crust. I did, however, make the filling with my haul from farmer’s market yesterday.

I’m not going to lie. There was a fair amount of drama making the filling, namely, I burned the bejesus out of my arm with scalding water when draining the chicken. Then I realized too late I didn’t have any bacon, so used pancetta instead. Also, if you are using Mary’s organic chicken from Whole Foods, the breast pieces tend to be larger and by no means will be cooked through after 10 minutes of simmering. So adjust as necessary. But look at how yummy this looks as the flavors meld in the pot:

The pie crust was inspired. Not the easiest dough to work with (I’m told) but worth the effort:

Finally, upon comparing notes later, both Katie and I found the final filling mixture a little bland. I upped the acid with more lemon juice and a splash of sherry, while Katie dialed up the heat with red pepper flakes. We were both pleased with the differing results. So pleased, that I ate mine again for breakfast. Next time I think I’ll use Madeira instead of sherry and serve it with a glass of the stuff to really knock this out of the park.

Here are the pies coming out their respective ovens:

Katie's Pot Pie

The Foodinista's Pot Pie

And for a look inside it becomes immediately obvious that I should have used more dark meat like Katie did….

Pie à la Katie...

Pie à la Foodinista

  1. yours looks so much better than mine! Inside and out. 😦

  2. They both look stunning! I remember the first time I made CPP b/c I was so intimidated. It’s worth the effort (but maybe not a scalded arm, ouch). And it is kinda bland. Acid AND hot sauce, I say! 🙂

  3. We are ravenous for your pie! It looks gorgeous and we are going to try it when we get back home from Paris (where we’re eating our way through the city!).
    à bientôt! Andy+Rose (A+R)

  4. This is a GREAT recipe! made with the cream cheese crust last night with added lemon, cayenne and extra herbs per your tips (also made a semi-ridiculous “chicken crossing the road” design out of extra dough on top… wish I could post a picture. Thanks, I love your blog!

  5. I created a new folder just for this page. Nice chicken pie.

    My great aunt Ethel cooked up a chicken pot pie that was very similar in appearance, and the flavor was not too busy with ingredients.

    It was the best meat pie I ever had. I may have to bake one up now that I have this link.

    Yumm, Phil

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