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Flower Power

In Baby Love, Design, Food on January 18, 2010 at 11:37 pm

At the baby shower I cohosted with Gia and Trisha at her lovely home this past weekend, there were gorgeous sprays of pink flowers just about everywhere you looked. Like the tulips on the buffet table, above. Or the gerber daisies and hydrangeas atop the mantel:

Or a fresh bouquet on a side table:

The food was every bit as pretty, with fantastic sandwiches, crudité, and baby potatoes with crème fraîche and bright orange Petrossian trout caviar….

In addition to bacon-wrapped dates (a riff on those served at AOC) and Jane Royale cocktails, I also made Mark Bittman’s chicken laver pâté. More on that tomorrow. But let me leave you with a deliciously sweet bite made by shower attendee and former front woman for all-girls punk band The Red Aunts, Terri Wahl, who is also known as the force behind the delicious Auntie Em’s Kitchen in Eagle Rock:

  1. I am now in love with the photos and the flowers! They are so lovely and I think this is what I should do to increase my appetite. Put flowers on the table!

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