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Built to Last

In Design on January 13, 2010 at 11:16 pm

Check out this beautiful zinc French watering can (circa 1900) my mother got at St Helena Antiques for Mr Foodinista for Christmas this past year. Why a watering can, you ask? Last January for Mr Foodinista’s birthday, I got him a David Austin ‘Lady Emma Hamilton‘ bareroot rose, which probably sounds like an, um, unexpected gift for ones husband. But Mr Foodinista is one of the lucky few who can wear orange, and this particular rose is a gorgeous dark orange that fades to tangerine. (Last year in addition to the rose, I also treated he and two of his friends to dinner of flesh and carnage at his favorite restaurant, CUT, and the year before that it was Knicks tickets, so don’t send out the search and rescue teams just yet.) Because my husband is the greatest guy ever, he loves—or pretends to love—this rose and waters it regularly. It sits in a beautiful concrete pot on our front steps and is the first thing I see when I come up the drive. It makes me happy. So does knowing that we’ll have this watering can forever.

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