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I’m Lovin’ It

In Drink on January 10, 2010 at 11:41 pm

Fueled by my husband’s totally delicious Clams in Spicy Pernod Sauce from last night’s dinner, I ran the Los Angeles 13.1 Half Marathon out at the beach on this gorgeous, sunny morning in 2:17:58, a personal best for me! A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who generously sponsored my race. And thank you to Andrea and Henry for cheering me on at Mile 12 when I was running out of steam!

My sister, husband and Tiny G all met me at the finish line. On our drive home from Venice to Windsor Square, I had my husband make an unorthodox pit stop. What was I craving at the end of 13.1 miles? Please, don’t judge. Because an iced nonfat McLatte with no sweetener has never tasted quite so delicious.

Check back tomorrow for results on the soufflé my sister made for this evening’s superb celebratory dinner.

  1. Congratulations on your most speedy endeavor! You were amazing.

  2. Judge judge judge! Looks like Diana Takes a Bite ran this as well… Y’all crazy. I was stuffing my face with Taiwanese breakfast while you were all sweatin’.

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