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In Baby Love, Design on January 8, 2010 at 8:15 am

Tiny G has just learned to scribble with a crayon, but as it stands now the only place for him to unleash his inner Kandinksy Rauchenberg Lucien Freud Pierce Brosnan (oh, yes, Remington paints) is at our well-loved leather coffee table, a custom piece from Shelter on Beverly that was a housewarming present from my parents when I moved into an apartment on Sycamore back in my roaring 20s. While it is the perfect height, I’m hoping to find something a little more kid- and crayon-friendly for Tiny G’s room. Price is a factor, but I don’t want it to fall apart after a few months. Thoughts? So far, the contenders…

1. Ecotots Project Table, pictured above ($225 for table; $140 for pair of stools). This is my favorite and, besides being eco-friendly, would look very cute in the room with Tiny G’s white lacquer and maple Oeuf crib, but also definitely more than I want to spend.

2. Ikea Kritter Table ($24.99 for table; $12.99 per chair). Can it really be that inexpensive? It’s made of solid rubberwood, which is like a hard maple so I’m thinking it’s going to be durable.

3. Chalkboard Table & Stool Set ($200). This seems pretty great: a chalkboard table that kids can draw directly on with indented center to hold chalk. Tabula rasa, baby.

4. notNeutral BB2 Set ($480 for table, plus two chairs). Yeah, way over budget. Or maybe Mr. Foodinista could play a round of craps before heading home from his conference in Vegas today?

5. P’kolino Little One’s Table and Chairs ($129 for table, plus two chairs). Or a much more reasonable version of the notNeutral in a similar vein…love the generous size of the tabletop and orange would be great in his blue room.

  1. Wait. Those would be perfect in my new apartment! Just my size.
    But seriously, how do you choose? They are stunning pieces.

  2. Go with the Ikea.
    Scandinavian design is cool, durable, and your little guy will gro out of any of them real fast anyway.
    Use the money on something he’ll treasure for a long time, instead.
    The Ecotots is beautiful, but too expensive..
    You can buy chalk board paint, and paint the top, if you want to make it custom.

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