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When Life Hands You Japanese Lemonade…

In Drink, Fashion, Food, On Location: Out and About in L.A. on January 7, 2010 at 5:56 pm

Ramune Soda via Wikipedia

Last night I met friends Trisha and Gia downtown at the Lazy Ox Canteen to plan a baby shower for our friend Katie. Over glasses of rosé (for them) and weird Japanese Ramune lemon cider in a glass bottle with a marble (for me, as I cursed my self-imposed annual “dry out” with a saccharine sweet soda), we nibbled our way through khlii (Moroccan-style beef jerky) with fried egg and salsa verde, roasted squash, charred octopus with pickled relish and lima beans, steak tartare with fried quail egg, blue lake beans in cheesy dressing and a baked ricotta dish—and we finished every last delicious bite. Which meant that today I needed to work off some of that Japanese fructose and up my game, literally. So here’s what happened: fueled by last night’s Ramune lemon cider still coursing through my veins, I had one of my best tennis lessons ever, and was so inspired that I turned to another lemon to celebrate. Check out my new Lululemon tennis skirt:

lululemon speed skirt

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