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In On Location: Out and About in L.A. on January 3, 2010 at 10:14 pm

After weeks of total indulgence, I’m ready to get back into fighting shape and not a moment too soon. Next weekend, I’m running the Santa Monica 13.1 Half Marathon in order to raise money for child victims of rape. (Earlier this year, I was a juror on a child molestation case and as brutal as it was, I knew I had to get involved.) This morning I ran 11 looong miles out at the beach in 80 degree weather—in January!—and have to say, I couldn’t have made it without my awesome Mizuno Wave Elixir 4 stability running shoes. The ventilation is incredible and they’re super lightweight. I’m hoping they’ll give me the extra edge next weekend.

And for those of you who are able to sponsor my run next weekend, your donation will support comprehensive, free services for sexual assault victims, including specialized medical care at the Santa Monica-UCLA Rape Treatment Center, forensic services, advocacy, and professional counseling; training programs for police, judges, prosecutors and hospital personnel; sexual abuse prevention programs for children and teenagers in public schools; and special services for child victims. It’s a great cause, and a wonderful way to kick off 2010! To donate, click HERE. THANK YOU and Happy New Year!

  1. So— I tried three times to contribute to the run and sponser your effort but I guess that I could never figure out the secret code necessary to complete the form. Three of my office staff tried to help but we all failed.

  2. Goodluck!! Mizunos are the best ever running shoes!

  3. YEA! I had one of my 14 y/o patients try this morning and she got thru on her second try. We have known Gail Abarbanal for decades and her work with the Rape Treatment Center is legendary as well as miraculous. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to again support her work.

  4. Yea for you! What a wonderful cause. It’s nice to know there are such caring people our there. Check out our work for victims of sexual assault.

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