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Whey Hot!

In Food on December 6, 2009 at 12:25 am

At last year’s holiday bash, my friend Carolynn brought a stunningly thoughtful hostess gift—a beautiful box of uncooked chocolate chip cookies with instructions for baking, so we could enjoy the next day. This year, she somehow outdid herself and brought not only fresh burrata (Italian for butter, yum) from Di Stefano but Mimmo Bruno, the cheesemaker himself! As soon as Carolynn and Mimmo handed me this precious cargo—and before everyone around me starting speaking Italian—I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. Another merry reveler, Kate, had brought a gorgeous homemade jar of Habanero Gold Jelly. Hot-sweet with habaneros and apricots, this piquant jelly is phenomenal with the creamy burrata. Kate also recommends it with peanut butter or cream cheese. Thank you, Carolynn, and thank you, Kate! And lucky, lucky me!

  1. I keep reading about this amazing cheese. Sent some to a friend from Di Stefano and it was a BIG hit. I’m in Thailand and it has many gastronomic virtues but cheese ain’t one of ’em! Cheese envy!!

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