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In Design on November 30, 2009 at 6:36 pm

We are leaning decidedly in the direction of renovating the garage—a prospect that both excites and terrifies me given that the trauma of our last remodel has yet to fully dissipate. I’ve been sketching out ideas for the garage’s exterior nip and tuck, which involves adding French doors to let in more light, and am now starting to think about the actual office space inside. If I am really, really nice to my husband, I think I can make a convincing case for splurging on Farrow & Ball Dix Blue paint for the walls. It is just one room after all. However, I don’t think I’m going to be able to justify two of these Decker Bookshelves at $998 a pop—and made of mango wood (mango wood!) and iron. But will built-ins be any less $$?

  1. without hesitation: go for the bookshelves! $998 (x2) is well worth the instant gratification and instant remodel ease. i’m living in remodel hell right now… saws and drills are all part of my daily soundtrack… (go for the bookshelves!)

  2. IS there room for a wine cellar?

    • i went a little overboard in the kitchen, which currently stores over 15 cases and yet only has one oven and barely enough room for pots and pans. my gut says that suggesting more wine storage might not be received enthusiastically by my husband, a drinker of vodka (which fits neatly and economically into the freezer).

  3. One oven, a few pots and pans, 15 cases of wine. You certainly have your priorities in good order.

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