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Le Bird est arrivé!

In Food on November 24, 2009 at 6:08 pm

Yes, our 10.5 lb Frank R. Reese Jr heritage bird is here, having winged its way to Windsor Square, Los Angeles, traveling untold distances from Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch in Tampa, KS. But not without first being delivered earlier this morning to the wrong address in another ZIP CODE, which necessitated The Foodinista driving to retrieve it from the 10th floor of a high-rise office building (thank you very little, Heritage Foods USA). Just as last year, the bird emerged from an insulated silver-lined flight vessel:

As you can see, the bird loves metallics. Here it is in the sink, post rinse:

Then, using Russ Parson’s dry-brining technique outlined in the Los Angeles Times, I mixed two generous tablespoons of kosher salt with some ground dried sage and cracked black pepper and sprinkled over the bird.

Then the bird goes into a turkey bag, and sits in the fridge until show time on Thursday…

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