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Thanksgiving Countdown

In Food on November 22, 2009 at 3:50 pm

photo by romulo yanes via gourmet.com

By now I’m guessing most of us have settled on our menus for Thursday, but for those still looking for inspiration, here are some ideas of how my friends and family are spicing up the holiday table.


Julie, agent: “Tom Colicchio’s Herb-Butter Turkey – from Bon Appétit Nov 2005 – it is the BEST recipe, we have made it every year since.”

Geoff, screen writer: “We cheat on turkey, but it’s truly delicious. Greenberg Smoked Turkey. Slice and serve.”

Sara, fashion publicist: “I am BBQing my turkey – do it every year like my father did except that I don’t have to put a parka on every time I baste it. I make my father’s BBQ Sauce – RED RIVER that he created from his 1960’s cooking club. Makes an awesome smokey gravy too!”

Janet, food editor: Dry-brined turkey. “Just haven’t decided what way to go [with aromatics] – thinking rosemary, maybe ground fennel seeds….It’s so hard to decide these things!”

John, actor/writer: “We have a heritage turkey. I can’t wait to destroy it with a carving knife while everyone tries to smile.”

Kim, fashion editor: “A simple turkey breast for two using the same Thomas Keller roast chicken technique you detailed a while back. It just doesn’t get better than that!!”


Kate, writer/producer: “Chestnuts, breadcrumbs, sausage. And hard-cider gravy.”

Lisa, wine marketing: “I always do a version of this BA recipe [Apple & Sausage Stuffing]- I also add dried unsweteened cranberries!

Julie, agent: “I have the best stuffing recipe from my step dad a few of the key ingredients are – sausage, apples, apricots, spinich, apple juice, white wine… even better the next day on a stuffing / turkey sammie….”

Nicole, creative development: Her Italian grandmother’s stuffing—”French bread, celery, onions, mushrooms, herbs, butter, garlic, etc, etc. I love it.”

Katie, magazine editor: “Artichoke, Sausage & Parmesan Cheese Stuffing (Bon Appétit, November 2002)


Carolynn, food writer extraordinaire: Check out her blog post on an AMAZING Sourmash Apple Crisp.

Joy and Michelle, Napa Valley natives, respectively: classic pecan and bourbon pecan.

Elissa, mother of four girls, with another baby en route!: “Here in TX it’s definitely pecan… but I’m thinking of adding a sweet potato pecan pie to the mix (thanks, epicurious)”

Jessica, actor/culinary student: “Classic pumpkin pie, Old Fashioned Apple pie with dried cherries and homemade vanilla bean ice cream.”

Andy, writer: “My wife’s mom makes a killer walnut pie … goes beautifully with a white port.”

Aunt Holly: classic apple pie from Grandma’s recipe.

Betsy, mother-in-law: My mother-in-law does two versions of pecan pie—a classic and a chocolate-pecan pie. She also sets a stunningly beautiful table with heirloom monogrammed silver, beautiful white/gold china and vintage amber Biot wineglasses. We’re so sad not to be sharing Thanksgiving with my in-laws! Sending much love from the left coast to the right. xoxo

  1. Chocolate pecan pie?? Hmmmmm

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