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In Design on November 22, 2009 at 10:05 am
Photo: Mark Peterson via NYMAG.COM

photo: mark peterson via nymag.com

Recently I left my full-time job at the world’s best food magazine, and am now working from home. My husband and I are debating whether or not we turn the guest room into an office—easy enough—or really go to town and convert the garage into a workspace, which would involve big-time construction. While we weigh the pros and cons, I’ve started thinking about office design. It’s no accident that Ana Wintour’s is so chic. Ditto for Mary Randolph Carter’s of Ralph Lauren (below). How could you not be inspired in one of these spaces?

photo via theselby.com

To that end I’m relying on my surroundings to imbue creativity. I would kill to have the George Nelson Roll Top Desk that graced my office at the Los Angeles Times Magazine many moons ago (not to mention the Eames management guest chairs—it’s nuts that that stuff was just kicking around the newspaper).

In doing a little research, buying a vintage one is going to run anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000. Something tells me Santa Baby isn’t thinking I’ve been that good this year. I’m also in love with this George Nelson Rectangular Work Table, which is equally dreamy and offers plenty of work space.

I’m thinking it will look great with an antique dark red persian rug I appropriated from my parents years ago. When it comes to chairs, I’m really torn—by price more than anything else. Of course, the fantasy has always been the Eames Aluminum Management Chair in Powder Blue leather. It’s also so chic in tan.

Or, until that ship comes in, what about the Setu Chair, also from Herman Miller? Similar lines, ergonomic design and a third the price:

Next up: bookshelves. And lighting.

  1. You left Bon? Do tell?

    • I’m still with Bon Appetit, but in an awesome, new role: Contributing Editor/Wine & Spirits, which means I’m writing/working out of the home now instead of at 6300.

  2. Amazing!!!! How perfect is that! I think converting the garage is the way to go if finances allow – it could be the perfect office/guest house (hello Auntie Kim)!!! I’m just saying…

  3. Hey there
    Love the blog – I’d like to interview you for a blog I am doing for Herman Miller. Can you email me off-blog? cerenthaATmacDOTcom.

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