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Let’s Talk Turkey

In Food on November 18, 2009 at 11:19 pm

Is it really possible that Thanksgiving is a week away??? I recently posted about our menu lineup and OH MY GOD cannot wait to try the updated version of Russ Parson’s “Judy Bird” that ran in today’s LA Times. Today I also made the executive decision to put in my order for gravy at Larchmont Larder, which is featuring a fantastic Thanksgiving menu avail for online ordering and delivery. It seems like the gravy always stresses me out since it is the last thing to deal with when I’m trying to get everything on the table. And this year I thought, why make myself crazy?

It’s funny because I’ve had conversations with two friends today—two friends who are really good cooks—who are on the fence about going to the trouble of cooking the entire meal. In years past, I might have viewed this (as well as ordering gravy) as blasphemous. But this year, there just seems to be general chaos. Is it just me? So why not fill in with a few fanatastic sides from the Larder and support a local business? I love how great owner Katie Trevino is, and the food is just plain GOOD.

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