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Change is Good

In Fashion on November 11, 2009 at 9:31 am

bottega box

I have carried the same Louis Vuitton red epi leather wallet for over a decade—that is, I’ve bought the exact same wallet at least three times. Once, a brand new one was stolen off my George Nelson Walnut Roll Desk at the LA Times (the desk was an original from the 60s- some of the furniture at the newspaper was AMAZING), so my parents took pity and kindly bought another to replace it that year for my birthday, which brings the total to four. And I would have gone that route a fifth time, except that LV discontinued the simple, sleek design (square billfold, with three credit card slots on the left and a discreet coin purse inside on the right). I’m not crazy about wallets with a lot of hardware and compartments, especially cumbersome coin purses. So, for someone’s special day, my lovely and generous husband gave me this absolutely gorgeous Bottega Veneta classic woven leather wallet in lilac leather. It is soft beyond belief and the prettiest color. And it features a very discreet coin purse. So dare I say, change has never looked better!

lilac wallet

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