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Sprinkles: Cupcake Wizardry

In Food on November 10, 2009 at 3:25 pm

sprinkles red velvet

A week ago I was driving past Sprinkles on Little Santa Monica, and kind of couldn’t believe that people were still lining up for these cupcakes four years down the road. Then, on Sunday night we celebrated my birthday a few days early with our friends Booth and Adam, who brought a gorgeous box of Sprinkles cupcakes: two each of red velvet, spice and peanut butter with chocolate sprinkles. All I can say people is wow. It’s easy to dismiss a cupcake as being overhyped, especially with the whole cupcake craze of the past few years, but there’s a reason people still wait in line for these. Also tucked in with the cupcakes was a gorgeous card Booth picked up in London, inside of which was my real birthday present: dinner for six at the Magic Castle! Ta-da!

cupcakesprinkles cupcakes

  1. Happy Birthday beautiful friend!!! love the new wallet, the red velvets and everything about you!! xoxoxox

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