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Things to do with a leftover 8lb pork butt: part one

In Food on November 7, 2009 at 9:23 am

slow roasted pork sandwich

Earlier this week, I slow-roasted an 8lb pork shoulder (aka Boston butt) forever, resulting in the best, most tender and rich pork I’ve yet to enjoy. And it couldn’t have been easier. We’ve already had two nights of AWESOME leftovers for three slightly piggy adults, and still have enough for several more meals. At least. So, at $4.99/lb, this roast was something of a steal. The first round of leftovers was inspired by a favorite slow-roasted heritage pork panini at Napa Style in Napa Valley. Taking a page out of chef Michael Chiarello’s book, I had my husband stop by Mozza2Go to pick up a jar of mostarda (an Italian riff on chutney made w/ pear and mustard). Of course, being too generous to say anything until he got home, he bought the damn jar, which cost NINETEEN DOLLARS. I mean, that is half the price of the freaking pork butt.


But begrudgingly—and I mean begrudgingly—I admit it was incredible on the sandwich. As well it should be at prices that rival gold. I lightly toasted some potato buns from Ralph’s, where we also picked up a bag of pre-shredded slaw and mixed with mayo & apple cider vinegar.

cole slaw

And then reheated the pork in a 300-degree oven for 10-15 minutes, and piled it high topped w/ slaw on the sandwich. I’m guessing we will be porked out by the time we’ve reached the end of the bounty, but next time I’d love to try this with a bone-in heritage Boston butt, though it’d be almost triple the price. Hmm…Santa, baby?

slow roasted pork

  1. for what it’s worth: traditional mostarda such as the one you invested in from M2G is made with mustard OIL, not mustard–an apothecary type product–illegal here (i think), which is why it’s imported and not home made at Mozza. i think that may also be why it’s so expensive. i love the way they are cut so thin. i call them “stained glass pears.”

  2. sorry you have to pay $30 for a butt. Here in Georgia, its never over $2 a pound, got it last week for 89 c a pound!

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