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Larchmont Bungalow: Time to Get Saucy

In Food, On Location: Out and About in L.A. on October 31, 2009 at 10:49 am

Larchmont Bungalow

Last week, my sister and I decided to give Larchmont Bungalow a go despite the hate email being circulated amongst neighbors and the fact that one such neighbor accosted us on the way in and snapped disapprovingly, “well, you gotta do what you gotta do.” So I was determined to like this place, if only out of spite. My first visit was just okay, and I figure they still need to work out some service kinks. The burgers were fine (Claire got one with mozzarella and I ordered a stuffed turkey burger) and the buns very good—love the oniony herb situation baked into the top—but both burgers were totally lacking in goop. How about some aioli or something? Anything? Also, Claire ordered the sweet potato fries and they came without any dipping option. Again, a little green goddess or garlicky aioli or even plain old mayonnaise would go a long way here.

Then on Friday, my friend Katie and I made a repeat visit. We both ordered veggie burgers, which are not veggie burgers as we discovered when they arrived at our table despite the menu indicating otherwise, but portabella burgers. (“Our all natural veggie burger layered with goat cheese, grilled portabella, roasted bell peppers, tomatoes, and spinach.” Sounds like there’s a patty involved, right?) Again — needs some sort of sauce. And Katie’s sweet potato fries were dry and soggy—which is something of a feat to achieve. The guy at the next table ordered the neon red velvet pancakes (which just sounds gross, so really he had only himself to blame) and declared them “disgusting” after one bite. I want to like this place, so but I think I’ll give it a few more weeks to hit its stride before going back and risking ostracism from my neighbors. Especially with burgers starting at $12.95 and up. And yeah, the owner is being kinda jerky about city zoning. But if they do indeed get a beer license, who am I to judge?

sweet potato fries

In the meantime, Katie and I will be taking our weekly lunch date back to Larchmont Larder up the street, which has the friendliest staff and SUPER FREAKING YUMMY EGG SALAD! (And a Swiss Barley and prosciutto soup that is to die for.)

  1. You are much more generous than I: if a place fails to impress once and certainly twice, I shine it on. I know, I know; living close-by makes one WANT so much for the place to be good, but what are you going to do? And yes, every burger needs goop, and only the most outstanding sweet potato fry can stand alone, though of course if it does, the person making it always understands a ramekin of something yuummy on the side is simply the way to go.

  2. I had a completely different experience at Larchmont Bungalow. I have eaten there 3 times since they opened. Their Sea Bass is the best in the city. I had their Mexican Burger and it was full of sauce and great spices. Their egg sliders were creative, delicious and I am on my way to the Bungalow to have Brunch with my Family. I only saw this posting on the internet because I wanted to view their menu online to see what I was going to have today. I am excited about having the Bungalow on Larchmont. It has set a new standard for the street, the atmosphere, the menu and yes breakfast all day. You need not to take negative friends with you when you eat. Or ask someone sitting next to you how it is. The premise of your article is “out to Lunch” Why mix zoning laws and a jerky owner with a restaurant review. Why did you go there more than once? Well, I am on my way once again and I know that I will have a great brunch with my family. I give the bungalow an A+

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