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Happily Ever After

In Out of Town on October 25, 2009 at 11:01 pm

new york times weddings

This morning I woke up with what was unmistakably the aftermath of too much Champagne, Shafer Vineyards Merlot and an ill-advised gin-and-tonic postprandial. Our friends Lizzie and Matt got married this weekend at the Parker in Palm Springs, so there was much to celebrate. I’m furious for not having taken my camera to the reception because I could have shown you chandeliers strung from palm trees—chandeliers in palm trees!!!—under the stars, or 130-some guests waving sparklers during the toasts, or the fireworks that followed, or the fantastic guinea feather boutonnières on the groomsmen, or the lobster and caviar canapés, or THE BRIDE’S DRESS. Every last detail of this wedding was unforgettable, from the s’mores by the firepit at the Parker for early arrivals on Thursday night (sadly, I was marooned in Portugal thanks to a series of delayed, rerouted and canceled flights, not to mention missing luggage, and didn’t arrive until close to midnight on Friday) to the eco-friendly Palm Springs map tote filled with gummy lobsters, Hadley’s date cookies, Excedrin, In n’ Out Burger post-its that was waiting in our room upon arrival, to the maid of honor’s genius toast, to the black/white photo booth at the reception.

map tote

And perhaps the funniest detail? Sharing the page with Ivanka Trump in this morning’s New York Times Sunday Styles Weddings/Celebrations. Here’s to one of the best couples I know (not you, Ivanka, I’m talking to Lizzie), and cheers to a lifetime of happiness!

  1. bravo bravo and much joy!!!

  2. It all sounds absolutely magical!

  3. It was a seriously awesome wedding indeed! Too bad I didn’t get to meet you!
    (I may or may not have polished off the majority of the date cookie container around 1AM following the reception.)

    • Amanda! How were we at the same wedding and did not meet?! I am still talking about the chandeliers. Dana—this wedding was so magnificent that it restored all faith in humanity and good taste!

  4. OK this post sounds so good it’s an advert for marriage. Wait, let’s not go crazy, an advert for weddings. Thanks for the deets I was dying to know all about this undoubtedly chic celebration.

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