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Shedding Light on the Situation

In Design on October 14, 2009 at 8:07 am
Salvador Dali "La Lune" Tarot Card

Salvador Dali "La Lune" Tarot Card

Thanks to a miserable cold I’m trying to shake and a pending trip to Portugal, I had to postpone drinks with friends Robyn and Andrea this week, which is shame because I was looking forward to the séance vibe at Robyn’s, where the current lighting situation is dictated by a beautiful Edison bulb. Pretty to behold, my pretties, but doesn’t necessarily shed all that much light on the situation. But is that such a bad thing? To wit: the Edison bulbs in the Niche Modern “Binary Pendant Light” that hangs over our kitchen table:

binary pendant light

It’s almost like dining by candlelight, which is probably why I love it so much. Plus, if we really need to see anything in the kitchen, there is the godforsaken LA County Code regulation fluorescent recessed lighting, which bathes everything in its creepy stark operatory glow and makes sag paneer look like it’s undergone nuclear radiation. (Thanks, LA County. Sorry, sag paneer.) But I digress. By the time I return from Portugal next week, it looks like I will likely miss my shot at a tarot reading at Robyn’s, as she just ordered new bulbs for her lighting fixtures from Schoolhouse Electric. It’s a fantastic Oregon-based company that produces period light fixtures. Tiny G has a matte bronze ceiling mount with custard glass light fixture in his room. Robyn went with a porcelain mount with a gorgeous clear glass shade that currently houses the aforementioned Edison bulb. For “someday,” we are both transfixed with Schoolhouse Electric’s vintage color series, especially in sunny yellow. How AMAZING is the yellow vintage pendant light against that yellow Heath tile??? Oh, tarot, is it in the cards?

schoolhouse electric heath tileschoolhouse electric vintage color yellow

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