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In the Pink

In Food on October 10, 2009 at 12:02 pm


My sister’s favorite color is pink, and last night’s dinner, which she prepared, certainly had her signature color all over the place. First there were the magenta- and lavender-hued radishes, which found their way into a beautiful salad with butter lettuce, tarragon, avocado and Champagne vinaigrette. Then there was the bottle of Stony Hill rosé, which she brought down with her last month when she moved to LA from St. Helena. Good luck finding a bottle. After we polished it off, my sister informed me that it’s not available for sale and that it’s pretty much just for the family. (It helps to be in good graces with the Chelini sisters. We love you, Misha and Missy!)

stony hill rose

And then the main event: perfectly grilled pork chops (they were a beautiful rosy pink before they hit the grill) with red beans and rice and a smoky chile and tomatillo salsa that Tiny G’s babysitter made the other day.

pork chop

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