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Everything’s Coming Up Roses and Violets

In Food on October 9, 2009 at 5:33 pm

charbonnel et walker

Today I had lunch at Joans on Third with my friend Booth, who is freshly home in LA from back-to-back New York / London / Milan / Paris fashion weeks respectively. Booth valiantly makes this trek twice a year, and yours truly is often the lucky recipient of smuggled Pierre Hermé or Ladurée macarons upon her return. Yes, I’m very spoiled and, yes, have the most awesome friends on the planet. This time, Booth surprised me with some unexpected bonbons…a large box of my VERY FAVORITE CHOCOLATES IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD…English Rose & Violet Creams from Charbonnel et Walker in the UK. They’re filled with voilet- or rose-perfumed fondant cream and topped with a crystalized rose or violet petal, and taste wonderfully old-fashioned. When my sister and I were kids growing up in England, my father would get us a small box on very special occasions and Claire would eat all the rose-flavored chocolates, and I the violets. They are, quite simply, DIVINE. Thank you, Booth!

  1. you are two lucky girls…. to have each other as friends. xoxoxo

  2. That’s so cute!! Do you still split them the same way?

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