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RIP Gourmet

In Food, Media on October 5, 2009 at 7:49 am


This sad news came this morning from Conde Nast’s Chuck Townsend:

Gourmet magazine will cease monthly publication, but we will remain committed to the brand, retaining Gourmet’s book publishing and television programming, and Gourmet recipes on Epicurious.com. We will concentrate our publishing activities in the epicurean category on Bon Appétit.

  1. This is truly heartbreaking. I felt like they were just hitting a new stride. And no COOKIE magazine either?? What the hell are we supposed to read? Besides BA, of course.

  2. this is the most incredible news. isn’t there a title like guns and ammo that they can cancel instead? i’m stunned!

  3. i can’t even believe this?!
    first domino, now gourmet!
    i’m so sick about this.
    it was the best food magazine visually, with super chic editorials on food/cooking/restaurants/etc. that looked like something out of italian vogue. i agree with andrea; they were just getting it together. and, i agree with anne crawford. foolish move for conde nast.

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