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Texas Beef Brisket Chili

In Food on October 4, 2009 at 10:42 pm

texas brisket chili

My sister and I have both been knocked out by a wicked cold for days now, and have been craving some serious comfort food. Last night we made a pot of my favorite chili, a recipe that bills itself as Texas Beef Brisket Chili since it’s all meat and no beans. It simmers in the oven for almost four hours, and the whole house smells incredible. However, the best part of this recipe is a surprise ingredient that I can’t recall ever having encountered in any other Texas chili—and that’s butternut squash. The recipe, from last year’s October issue of Bon Appétit, is from “The Sausage King” Bruce Aidells and it is perfect as written. I like to garnish with avocado, cilantro and a little grated cheese. This batch accidentally included a most scandalous ingredient, and that’s Spaten Oktoberfest beer instead of, say, Negra Modelo. I don’t even know how a lone bottle of Spaten got into the fridge. Weird. We are not beer bigots by any means, it’s just that we usually gravitate toward American and Mexican brews. But no complaints. In fact, this was one of the better batches I’ve made of this chili. Prost!

beef onionschile garlic pastechiles tomatoes beefspaten

  1. Looks like a great dish, and perfect for the cold weather that is hopefully coming to Texas!!

  2. Just met your sister who told me about your blog. Am making chili for 10 on Halloween night. Since I’ll be making it in the Napa Valley (I live in Manhattan Beach) I will get ingredients up there. My daughter-in-law grows butternut squash in her garden so I will definitely use this recipe. Can’t wait to tell you how it comes out.

  3. Terry’s personal chef (husband)here. Made the Texas Beef Brisket Chili last night here in Calistoga (Napa) for all the ghosts and goblins. Due to some cooking interruptions (had to lunch at Bistro Jeanty and taste champagne at Schramsberg in the afternoon)I started the chili at 8 AM for a couple of hours at 350 then turned it down to 225 for about 6 hours before adding the squash about 45 minutes before serving. OMG was it GREAT. It will be my new “gold standard” for chili.

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