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Happy Birthday, Claire!

In Food on September 27, 2009 at 8:30 pm

birthday cake

It’s been a weekend of celebrating, kicking off on Friday night with a birthday dinner for my sister, Claire, at CUT. (I am still obsessing about the dry aged ribeye with bone marrow, and the blackberry and spice of the Breggo Pinot Noir. Oh lordy.) Last night we continued the birthday bonanza with a bbq, for which Mr. Foodinista grilled carne asada, I made Spanish rice (more on that later this week), my friend Katie made the BEST spicy beans (will try to get recipe), our neighbor Alyssa brought a divine pasta salad, Martha her legendary guacamole, Adam a bottle of Corzo tequila from which he was passing out shots, and then the pièce de resistance, cake! Claire and I drove all the way down to Yellow Vase Bakery in Redondo Beach yesterday morning to pick up this masterpiece for the party. Is any cake worth a three-hour roundtrip drive? You bet your macaron, it is. This one is decadent chocolate with vanilla buttercream layers and whipped cream frosting, and then topped with perfectly chewy and fresh macarons. What I love is that it is not overly sweet. It’s a cake that will break even the most disciplined dieters (which, let’s be clear, I am not). Get more cake than you think you’ll need; it is particularly great for breakfast the next morning with coffee…

  1. Not only was it absolutely beautiful, but it was seriously the best cake I have ever had!!

  2. […] across a girly pink set of mustaches, one for every day of the week.  Since I was headed to a party that night and it was the birthday girl’s favorite color, I surrendered (to) the pink.  Well […]

  3. I think next time I go into yellow vase I’m going to suggest a macaroon cupcake!

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