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Santa Barbara Spot Prawns (Ruh-Roe)

In Food on September 24, 2009 at 10:21 pm

spot prawn

Santa Barbara spot prawns are just one more reason why living on the west coast is superb. My sister stopped by Santa Monica Seafood the other day and picked up half a dozen spot prawns for dinner. These guys are technically shrimp, but are oversized and taste like sweet lobster. Our plan was to throw them straight on the grill for 2.5 minutes a side and serve with heart-stopping cheesy grits with bacon and grilled asparagus. I crushed some garlic into a bowl of olive oil to brush over before grilling, which is when we discovered the roe. Let’s just say we had a bunch of breeders on our hands and didn’t know how the hell to deal with them. I immediately texted my friend Katie, who replied “A delicacy?” Love caviar/roe, so we went with it. Does this look freaky to you?

spot prawn roe

Turns out the roe was scrumptious. As is every part of these little suckers. We skipped the shells and the eyeballs but scarfed just about everything else…

spot prawns

  1. Did that with a white sea bass we caught once. Not bad, but more novelty than something I’d suggest. Love the fact it worked out better for you guys!!

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