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Warm Calamari Salad with Spinach and Chorizo

In Food, Recipes on September 21, 2009 at 8:11 am


Lured by the thought of two of his favorite ingredients—chorizo and squid—commingling in a single dish, on Saturday night Mr. Foodinista undertook a recipe from Sunday Suppers at Lucques, by Suzanne Goin. It’s a favorite cookbook of ours, given that it comes from the restaurant where we got engaged! However, I’ll be the first to admit that one can usually bank on using an annoying number of pans with one (or three) too many steps. However, this salad is so freaking insane that it’s worth it. I scaled waaay back on breadcrumbs (her recipe had us making a cup, which was too much). Also, we omitted the black olives since Mr. Foodinista is not a fan…

Warm Squid Salad with Spinach, Chorizo, and Black Olives

Adapted from Sunday Suppers at Lucques

Serves 4-6

2 1/2 lbs small squid, cleaned

2 lemons, zested

2 tablespoons fresh thyme leaves

2 tablespoons sliced flat-leafed parsley

1/4 cup fresh breadcrumbs

3/4 cup, plus 1 tsp olive oil

3/4 lb Mexican chorizo, casings removed

1 1/2 cups diced onions

1 tablespoon minced garlic

5 ounces baby spinach

1 cup cilantro leaves

1/2 cup sliced scallions

1 cup chopped pitted Nyons olives

6 tablespoons sherry vinegar


Cut the squid bodies crosswise into 1/8-inch-thick rings, and leave the tentacles whole. Season with lemon zest, 1 tablespoon thyme, and parsley. Refrigerate for a few hours.


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Toss breadcrumbs with 1 teaspoon olive oil and 1/2 teaspoon thyme. Spread onto baking sheet, and toast until golden brown, about 8 minutes.


Meanwhile, heat a large sauté pan over high heat for 2 minutes. Swirl in two tablespoons olive oil and wait about a minute. Crumble chorizo into pan, and cook 1 minute. Add the onion, garlic, and remaining thyme. Sauté 5 minutes over medium heat, stirring often with a wooden spoon, until chorizo is cooked and onion is translucent and starting caramelize. Remove from heat and set aside.


In a large bowl, toss together spinach, cilantro, scallions and olives. In a small bowl, whisk together sherry vinegar, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, and 6 tablespoons olive oil. Set aside.

Heat two large sauté pans over high heat for 3 minutes. Add 2 tablespoons olive oil to each pan, and wait 2 more minutes (pans need to be very hot to sear squid). Divide squid between pans, and season with salt/pepper. Cook 1-2 minutes, without stirring, allowing squid to sear. Stir with wooden spoon, and cook another minute or two, until squid is opaque and just cooked through.


Return chorizo pan to high heat, and add squid, stirring well to combine and coat well.


When mixture is hot, add it to bowl of spinach. Turn off heat and add vinaigrette to pan and heat quickly, until just hot. Pour 3/4 hot vinaigrette over spinach and squid. Season w/ salt and pepper. Toss to combine. Add more vinaigrette if needed. Arrange salad on platter and scatter breadcrumbs over the top. Seriously, it’s worth the effort.

That is, until you have to wash all those pans…


  1. Sounds like my Saturday supper!

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