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Meet Zsa Zsa, the Turken

In Food on September 20, 2009 at 3:05 pm

Meet Zsa Zsa, who is an exceptionally pretty turken who lives in Northern California. Here she is laying her first egg! Turkens, also known as Naked Necks, are not half turkeys but rather a breed of chicken that lays light brown eggs. Apparently Zsa Zsa’s eggs are superb in a salade niçoise. Incidentally, I’ve recently learned courtesy of Zsa Zsa’s owner, Devora, that the color of eggshell is determined by the breed of chicken. I also learned that Zsa Zsa’s story is something of a miracle:

When she was 6 months she was bitten on the neck by a rattlesnake. Of course she should have died immediately. I hand fed her for weeks and, somehow, she hung in there. Now she can scamper down the driveway at a good clip when she hears my car in the driveway. Imagine being greeted by a running bird every time you came home from work.

Let’s hear it for Zsa Zsa, the prettiest turken in the great state of California! Thanks, Devora, for sharing this video!

  1. I seem to remember being duped in the past about a “turken” that you and your father (my husband) were preparing one Thanksgiving whilst Claire and I were visiting my parents (her grandparents) in New York. I shall not be biting a second time.

  2. Zsa Zsa is a wonderful bird that we will all remember for her survival and gusto for life. Here’s to Zsa Zsa!

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