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OM…Gossip Girl!

In Fashion on September 14, 2009 at 7:44 pm

I’ve made no secret about the fact that I am (a) too old to be watching Gossip Girl and (b) watch Gossip Girl. And today I’m adding (c) to the list: wearing Gossip Girl, after a lunchtime run to Target with my friend Dana. Anna Sui, who is also too old to be watching Gossip Girl, designed a line for Target based on her favorite show, with looks inspired by Serena, Blair, Jenny and—inexplicably—Vanessa. I managed to pick up a sheer dot jacquard dress inspired by Blair:

annasuitargetI also picked up a silk patterned dress inspired by, horror of horrors, my least favorite character, Jenny. I will be forgoing the raccoon eyes and weight of the world when wearing this cheerful frock:

annasuitargetDana went with two fantastic Blair numbers:

annasuitargetannasuitargetBut the highlight of our shopping adventure was a girl walking past, arms loaded up with Anna Sui looks inspired by Vanessa (who is TRULY my least favorite character), and yelling into her cell phone, “Don’t stress! There’s still some left.”

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