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Annie the Baker

In Food on September 2, 2009 at 8:00 am


A couple of weeks ago, my sister was visiting from Napa Valley and she brought down a bag of her favorite cookies, which quite honestly left me and my husband a little speechless. Look at them! Now imagine biting into one of these chewy, decadent peanut butter cookies with mini chunks of peanut butter cups tucked in there, or how about one with toffee bits and milk chocolate chips? Oh my god!!! These are the work of Annie the Baker, who sells these heavenly cookies at the St. Helena and Napa farmers markets in Northern California. Annie is the former pastry chef at Mustard’s Grill, and recently she has turned her attention full time to her cookie business. I love her motto: “For those who love cookie dough more than the cookie.” But not as much as I LOVE HER COOKIES! Annie, when can we get our mitts on these in SoCal???

  1. These look so good! As a baker myself (albeit an amatuer) I have to admit I’m slightly jealous. Not just of your praise, but of her goods. Forget the cookies, Annie. Can we have the recipes, please?

  2. Whoa. Those look amazzzing.

  3. Thank you Thank you so very much for eating my cookies and liking them. haha I am thinking Ami brought you the cookies, but not 100% sure. And if so, I am thrilled that you like them. I know you are a talented chef and picked them apart. haha I can give Carolynn a hint, there is half the butter in these cookies than a normal cookie. Does that help at all??? I know, no one believes me, but it does. haha

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