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Just Another Friday Commute in LA…

In Fashion, On Location: Out and About in L.A. on August 29, 2009 at 11:37 am


Last night as I was driving home on Third Street, I was reminded why I love living in Los Angeles so much. I mean, where else does one encounter 17 statues of the David dressed in Michael Jackson Thriller jackets in someone’s front yard? The house in question, Youngwood Court, is a favorite in our otherwise buttoned-up neighborhood, particularly during the holidays—and its owner, Norwood Young, is known as the King of Hancock Park. Last night he was celebrating his birthday—which is a day before Michael Jackson’s (which would have been today)—and to honor the King of Pop had installed a JumboTron in the front yard playing music videos from both Jackson and Young himself, along with two enormous figures of the respective Kings of Hancock Park and Pop, as well as a throne, sparkling glove and gigantic crown on the roof.


I talked to one of the dudes setting up, who informed me it had taken three days to assemble this larger-than-life tableau. My friend Ted remembers Norwood coming into Richard Tyler back in the day, and Tyler himself would custom-make Norwood’s suits, while my friend Jill remembers producing a fashion shoot at Youngwood Court complete with the Davids, with yet another David shooting, David LaChapelle. Norwood—happy birthday! They say the sky’s the limit…

Michael Jackson "Bad" video plays on Jumbo Tron during party setup for Norwood Young's birthday.

Michael Jackson "Bad" video plays on JumboTron during party setup for Norwood Young's birthday.

NOTE: My friend Rose was leaving a Riser Goodwin trunk show at Patricia Arquette’s house down the street earlier yesterday afternoon and snapped some awesome shots earlier in the setup (before the figurines of the Kings went up). Check hers out at roseapodaca.com!

  1. Those David’s are soooo cool!! This Norwood guy is a gem. Yup, LA is the best.

  2. I can only say that there would be no other pop star like michael jackson. ,

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