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Princeton: Feel Smarter for Knowing About this Band

In Media, On Location: Out and About in L.A. on August 24, 2009 at 2:23 pm

PRINCETON, photo by Laura Heffington

What are you doing this coming Saturday night? Want to hear some seriously great live indie rock? Head to Pehrspace to check out Los Angeles-based Princeton as they begin a 30-some city tour (they’ll be in San Francisco the previous night, 8/28, at The Rickshaw Stop). The band releases their debut record, Cocoon of Love, September 29th on Kanine Records and it rocks. Named for the street in Santa Monica on which they grew up, Princeton is twin brothers Jesse & Matt Kivel, Ben Usen and David Kitz. The boys list their influences as ranging from stacks of herbal tea, the Wall Street Journal, a departing Mercedes, The Metamorphosis, to Bloomsbury, video arcades, graffiti, and a cyclist on the Autobahn. I’ve been listening to nothing else in my car all week and love the album’s wistful opening track (we still call these things albums, right?), “Sadie & Andy,” not to mention some excellent lyrics involving socks in a monologue at the start of a tune called Sylvie. Here’s a taste from the album, a track called “Calypso Gold” that New York Magazine named one of the top songs of summer. This just in: word on the street is that their song “Shout It Out” will be a KCRW Top Tune on Wednesday.

Calypso Gold by Princeton

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