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Pistachio Pistou

In Food on August 13, 2009 at 8:08 am


A few weeks ago I blogged about the talented Jeanne Kelley, and here is another fantastic recipe from none other than…Jeanne! Her Salmon with Snap Peas, Yellow Peppers and Dill-Pistachio Pistou recipe is featured in the August issue of Bon Appétit. I’ve made this dish several times now (my only tweak is that we grill the salmon rather than pan fry), and it is so quick and easy. And impressive. But the real key to this dish is the dill-pistachio pistou. Pistou is basically the French answer to pesto, but this one subs in dill and green onions in lieu of basil and Italian parsley, pistachio for pinenuts and pistachio oil for olive oil. It is inspired…the pistachio oil added a nutty richness that makes this pistou feel totally decadent. I loved it with the salmon, but would love to serve this pistou with seared scallops, or tossed with beets and goat cheese or maybe just a dollop with green beans or roasted brussels sprouts.


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