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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

In Baby Love on August 12, 2009 at 10:37 am

Picture 3

Two of my friends are pregnant with baby boys due in September and October. It’s fun hearing about all the gear, because even though Tiny G is just a little over a year old, already there’s new and improved stuff on the market. Except no one has yet to improve upon the ultimate baby bassinet from Lalapanzi Beds. My friend Jill gave us this, and it was the most useful—and stylish—baby present. For the first four months of his life, Tiny G slept in this super soft, handmade bassinet in nectarine suede with a faux-Burberry check lining. It’s great because you can pick it up and move it anywhere – the bassinet itself only weighs about 4 or 5 lbs. And then when you’re ready to transition baby to a crib, you can just set the Lalapanzi bed inside the crib during naps to get them used to it. (Get the smaller size, which will be plenty big for up to a six-month old.)

  1. wow two shout outs in one week
    : )

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