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Let Me Eat Cake!

In Food on August 9, 2009 at 9:59 am


Yesterday my friend Jill and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Selena. Jill discovered this totally amazing cake from a bakery in Redondo Beach called Yellow Vase. Seriously I need someone else to get knocked up or engaged STAT—any viable excuse to order another one of these! Oh, wait! My sister’s birthday is coming up. (Claire, you want this cake, right???)

Inside is a rich chocolate cake with the best ever buttercream layers, frosted with pale blue whipped cream (not too sweet, just perfect), and then topped with colorful macarons. What a great idea in general though, to use macarons to decorate a cake. Jill said when she was picking up at the bakery, they had a wedding cake covered in macarons. How fun is that? Too bad we didn’t have an extra slice for this guy, who showed up at the brunch uninvited…


  1. YES. I want that cake!

  2. It seems your culinary talents are stirring up a fuss in not just people!

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