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Breakfast Sandwich of Champions

In Food on August 3, 2009 at 10:19 pm


What you see is one of the most fantastic uses of leftovers in recent memory. On Saturday night we grilled Heritage bone-in ribeyes, corn on the cob and red onions, and we roasted pasilla chiles to toss with the onions. We had leftovers of all the veggies, so Sunday morning we walked to Larchmont Farmers Market, grabbed a week’s worth of fruit and veggies (can’t wait for beans, summer squash, and peaches this week), some farm fresh eggs and then swung by Sam’s Bagels for some chewy rye bagels. Back at home I scrambled some of the eggs, the leftover veggies from the previous night and a little bit of cheddar cheese in an iron skillet.


The pasillas we had were unusually spicy, while the grilled corn was sweet and caramelized—ditto on the leftover grilled onions. So satisfying. Even better, the strong cup of El Salvadoran coffee brewed from beans I picked up at Ristretto Roasters in Portland last weekend. More on my loot from Ristretto tomorrow…

  1. Thank you for mentioning Sam’s Bagels! They have, undeniably, the best bagels in LA, and rye is my favorite as well. How is El Salvadoran coffee? I never go Central America with coffee…I’m intrigued.

  2. i’m enjoying the el salvadoran beans—they’re pretty intense. what’s your preferred origin of bean?

  3. I usually go for Ethiopian Organic or Kenyan. I actually am LOVING Allegro Organic Ethiopian Yirgachaffe lately. I know I know, it’s from Whole Foods, but I’ve been refilling so much that it’s most convenient and it’s very good. I’ve been wanting to try Intelligentsia though for a while, so perhaps one of their blends will become my new favorite!

  4. Looks delightful. Gives Leftovers the class reportage they deserve. I’m feeling so limited in coffee….it HAS to be French roast or darker. Everything else tastes like Denney’s to me.

    • Country Gal and Devora—love hearing about your favorite coffee picks! I’m going to feature some of mine tomorrow, specifically from Ristretto. It is worth ordering a bag of beans – they send them out the same day they’re roasted. Devora…have you tried medium roasts from places that are roasting their own beans? I’m such a caffeine junkie that I prefer a medium roast and also I’ve been burned as it were at several chains w/ dark roasts who’ve overdone it and the coffee just tastes acrid to me. Where are your favorite spots?

  5. There is a place in Long Beach, CA called Polly’s that still roasts the coffee in front of the customers. It’s an amazing place. Privately owned, all high-end coffees. Yes, I’ve tried quality medium blends and they’re…OK. I guess “Denny’s” was a bit harsh! You’re right, overdone dark roasts are bitter and burnt. But ahhhhh, the joy of opening a bag of oily French done right and inhaling that scent is so rewarding.

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