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Missing the Marc, Beau-Coupe

In Design, Drink on July 29, 2009 at 8:41 am


Last night, we celebrated some good news from my husband’s work with a bottle of 2002 Deutz Rosé Champagne (a gift when Tiny G was born last summer), which we enjoyed in these pretty Champagne coupes we got as a wedding present. They are the Elizabeth pattern from the Marc Jacobs for Waterford collection, a pattern which we ultimately selected because my mother-in-law’s name is Elisabeth. We love them. A lot.

We only use the coupes on special occasions, like last night. And so, when I started this blog post, I was going to talk about how gorgeous the crystal is with cut floral patterns and the pretty raspberry and cherry flavors in the salmon-pink Deutz. But then when I went to link to the coupes, I discovered these heart-wrenching words on Waterford’s site: “THIS IS A RETIRED PATTERN. REMAINING STOCK IS AVAILABLE FOR SALE, FOR A LIMITED TIME.”

I’m gutted. So, panicked, we ordered a few more coupes and are hoping to round out what we still need little by little before it’s all gone.

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