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Gjelina in Venice

In Baby Love, Design, Food, On Location: Out and About in L.A. on July 20, 2009 at 5:50 pm

Picture 4

This weekend Tiny G and I hit Abbot Kinney to meet Tiny G’s doppelgänger HRM and his mom, Andrea, for brunch at Gjelina. First off, the staff there is the bomb. Couldn’t be friendlier, and Tiny G definitely had eyes for ladies at the front of the house. I had eyes for the chickpea stew with Israeli couscous, spiced yogurt and harissa:

IMG_2964Though, seriously, get a load of what Andrea ordered. La Quercia speck with fried eggs, arugula and lemon. Next time I am all over it:

IMG_2963After a couple of mimosas we stopped in next door at Parker Pettit, where Tiny G picked up some Yo My Booties blue suede moccasins like his friend HRM was wearing:

Picture 6

And then we walked down to see my friend Andy, who is the “A” in the A+R Store, which was hopping! I am slightly obsessed with this porcelain Wellington boot vase I saw there from Czech designer Maxim Velčovský. Do I need one??? I think maybe yes…

Picture 7

  1. Wow, when the heck did you take the photo of the ceiling? It’s stunning! I must have been preoccupied with the two beauty boys. Lots of fun. I think the boot (filled with wild flowers) would make a perfect tongue-in-cheek touch to the kitchen.

  2. It’s stunning because I grabbed the photo off Gjelina’s website. The food shots I took. So much fun on Saturday – hope to see you soon!

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