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Strawberry Shortcake

In Food, Out of Town on July 15, 2009 at 9:36 am


While we’re on the topic of Dutton’s Farm Stand in Manchester, VT, I also wanted to share the haul I got there for dessert last week: local strawberries, fresh local cream and housemade biscuits.


I tossed the strawberries with some mint that was growing outside the kitchen door, and then drizzled a little balsamic vinegar over the berries. Then we whipped some of that excellent local cream and served on the biscuits.

Strangely enough, the next morning at breakfast my brother-in-law Tim was looking at his hands saying “what is on my hands? Furniture polish?” I didn’t give it another thought until 4 miles into a morning jog, at which point I was pretty much seeing spots anyway, when I looked down and noticed my own hands had a similar splotchy patina. What on earth were Tim and I both doing that nobody else was, I wondered? Then it dawned on me: balsamic vinegar. Tim was helping me mix the berries and I think we both picked up a few and sampled along way. Busted.

  1. Oh that looks beautiful…


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