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Moc Speed Ahead

In Fashion on June 20, 2009 at 11:20 am

Picture 3

There’s one thing I’ve learned about my husband: you can take the boy out of New England prep school, but you will not get him out of a driving moc. Seriously, forget it. Since I’ve known him he’s gone through a variety of mocs in varying hues and leathers, ranging from an espresso pebbled leather pair from Zegna to an Allen Edmonds pair in British tan to a pair of dark brown J. Crew numbers I got him last year for Christmas and which he promptly returned faster than you can say “rubber studded sole.” He’s been on the lookout for a new pair for literally months now, until last week when we had a few hours to kill in Antwerp and we wandered into the boutique of French shoemaker, J.M. Weston. There he found a pair of hand-stitched dark brown nubuck mocs (shown here in beige calfskin), and I have to admit they are pretty damn good-looking as driving mocs go. Happy Father’s Day!

Picture 2

  1. Had to search the heck out of your site since I remembered these mocs from your post from YEARS ago. Unfortunately, there are no JMW stores anywhere near LA, and I don’t want my brother (who wanted a pair of “driving shoes” while he rode about BOS on his scooter) to cruise about in prosaic Car Shoes… Dilemma.

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