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Boy (and Vodka Tonic) Meets Grill…

In Food on June 5, 2009 at 8:39 am


For the past year I have been saving my pennies for a rainy day, which was pretty much the scene here in LA on Tuesday morning after my husband had left for work as two brawny guys unloaded a Weber Summit S-450 with Rotisserie Grill in the rain. Our dear friend Jamie Purviance, who has written several awesome grilling cookbooks (check out his latest: Way to Grill, an indispensable grilling compendium), recommended this model, and I secretly ordered it for my husband to splash out for his very first Father’s Day. In addition to four burners, a rotisserie, smoke box and BTUs galore, the grill is just plain pretty. [Note to Father-in-Law: if you’re reading, observe the Tervis Tumbler above!] 


My husband literally had no idea this was in the works. You should have seen his face when he discovered it in the backyard! Last night he gave it a test run with some marbled ribeyes and OH MY GOD. I’ll be posting plenty more on this beast throughout the summer and autumn and winter and spring. Can’t wait to try Jamie’s technique for pork loin on the rotisserie, along with The Foodinista’s technique for making a bottle of rosé disappear…

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