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Jussara Lee

In Fashion on May 14, 2009 at 7:55 am

Picture 12

I was rifling through my closet yesterday and rediscovered a favorite skirt by Brazilian-born designer Jussara Lee. My cousin Stefanie introduced me to Jussara five or six years ago at the designer’s atelier in the Meatpacking District. Her bespoke clothes are gorgeous—simple, elegant, sophisticated—with exquisite tailoring. She is also environmentally conscious in her designs, which are often fashioned from sustainable or recycled materials. Or pretty, organic knits that are dye-free.



Also, the MoMA Store currently features one of her designs for the girl on the go, the Chita Clutch. It’s made from handwoven chita, a traditional Brazilian fabric, and decorated with tiririca seeds. So pretty!


  1. What a blast from the past! My sister and I used to wear her stuff back in the day. I bought this aqua blue suit in college and someone stole it brand new with tags still on from my closet. Never got a chance to wear it. To this day, it remains a mystery (and ongoing joke among friends) where it went.

  2. I had a silk “apron” dress of hers and wore that sucker until it was threadbare! Haven’t seen her stuff in a dogs age! Will make sure to look her up again!

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