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Friday Follies: C’est la Guerre, Bridal Edition

In Fashion, Film on May 8, 2009 at 7:34 am

Friday Follies [n., pl.] postings on Fridays about fashion and food in film from guest bloggers with impeccable taste.


No guest blogger today, so I thought I’d fess up to the most recent movie I’ve seen, Bride Wars. It is every bit as horrifying as the above photo suggests. My friend Billy texted midway through, warning “Bad movie. Just pop in Breakfast Club instead and b inspired by Claire Standish.” As always, I should’ve listened to Billy, but instead sat through the train wreck until the tortuous end. The movie’s only redeeming quality was Vera Wang, who designed both Kate Hudson’s and Anne Hathaway’s dresses. (In general, though, Hudson looked like a total freak show.)

But it got me thinking about other celluloid wedding moments…the good, the bad, and the brutal. Let’s start with the latter:

Vivienne Westwood dress / Sex and the City

Vivienne Westwood dress / Sex and the City

I love Vivienne Westwood, and am sure the dress would’ve been amazing on a more feminine bride. But I can’t talk about this bird-in-the-hair situation—or this movie—without getting really worked up. By the way, if you haven’t already checked out this site, sarahjessicaparkerlookslikeahorse.com, here’s a taste of what’s on offer:


Another contender for jaw-dropping wedding garb. What’s worse? A bluebird on your head or a top hat and veil. Tough call:

Molly Ringwald / Betsy's Wedding

Molly Ringwald / Betsy's Wedding

In the “kind of blew it but we’ll forgive you because your lashes are incredible” category is the wedding that wasn’t in The Graduate. Though I dig everything Anne Bancroft wears (or doesn’t wear) in the flick, the contrast of her daughter’s frumpy wedding dress is just too heavy handed. The neckline on Katharine Ross’s frock has to be the work of Gunne Sax


And yet, with an equally conservative neckline, look at how RIGHT Connie (Talia Shire) gets it in my all-time-favorite movie wedding scene, from The Godfather


And I can’t help loving Vasundhara Das’s red in Monsoon Wedding. How gorgeous is she?


Can anyone think of any other really good wedding dresses? I can think of plenty more bombs (and could devote an entire oeuvre to Julia Roberts as bride, both onscreen—Runaway Bride, Steel Magnolias, Notting Hill—and off: Lyle Lovett, Daniel Moder)…

  1. Great post.
    I’d have to add the following to the “good” list:
    -Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face
    -Gwenyth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love

    Although, I can’t think of any really stellar modern-day movie brides to add…

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