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Bean there, tasted that?

In Food on April 23, 2009 at 8:52 am


Has anyone tried the Kettle Black Bean Tortilla Chips? At first I resisted because I felt like they were they vanilla vodka of the tortilla chip world. But then recently we had some along with guac, and they were totally addictive. I probably couldn’t have identified that they were made with black beans if I’d blind tasted one, but regardless I love the hit of onion and garlic in there and that certain black bean je ne sais quoi. Also, they’re made with organic corn, if that sort of thing helps you sleep at night. 

I plan to serve them as one option at my long-awaited “Guac-Off.” For years I’ve been threatening to organize this because I think my guac rocks, my friends Katie and Adam think their respective versions are better, and my friend Oscar threatens to throw his sombrero into the ring. I hesitate to invite my neighbor Martha (a third-generation New Mexican) to participate because I think she could take this competition, but yes, this year we’re finally going to settle this matter. Stay tuned…


  1. I must enter the guac-off, please!

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