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Footloose and Sandal Free!

In Fashion on April 21, 2009 at 9:02 pm


Apparently Marisa Tomei does not like to wear shoes. And to be honest, when it’s close to 100 degrees outside and I’m wearing a four-inch stiletto that feels two sizes too small, neither do I. But wear them I do. Especially if I’m having lunch on the shaded patio of a favorite restaurant in West Hollywood, as I was today with a totally hilarious New York Times best-selling author. I may not have noticed Ms. Tomei (who looked gorgeous from the ankle up) had it not been for her shoes—a fantastic pair of black leather woven sandals with leather ankle ribbons. So chic. Had they been on, that is. I’ve been looking for a good pair of black sandals, so these, sitting on the ground all alone to left of her chair, caught my attention—are they Marc by Marc, See By Chloe, maybe Sigerson Morrison? I wondered. 

But then I got grossed out. Going barefoot in a restaurant has to be some kind of health code violation. Plus, I felt really bad for those abandoned sandals. So much so that I feel like I should adopt these, just to do my part:


  1. questions:
    1) what author?
    2) what restaurant?
    2a) whad’you eat?
    3) did you really buy these sandals? they are fab. this season? (lanvin! where does it end, fancy!?)

  2. completely agree: don’t care how famous, rich, clean, or stylish you are; shoes should never, ever be removed in public view aside from the pool or the beach — least of all in a restaurant. disgusting! it’s a wonder you didn’t lose your appetite. i get grossed out seeing passengers in cars propping up their bare feet on the dashboard.

  3. How odd that this is the second blog I’ve read today that talks about Marisa Tomei eating lunch without her shoes on. Same place/time as the other writer or does she just not wear shoes?


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