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Sweet Surrender

In Food on April 8, 2009 at 8:00 am


Finally I cracked unabashedly and irrevocably on the giving-up-desserts-for-lent front, and just days shy of Easter. Earlier this week our beloved housekeeper, Beatriz, brought over a homemade flan, a popular Latin American dessert of rich custard with a layer of caramel on top (borrowed from the French crème caramel). Her particular recipe is a secret carried with her from Guatemala, and I will do my very, very best to convince (read: beg) her to part with it. The texture is heaven, firmer than some of the wobbly versions I’ve had in Mexican restaurants, and the caramel has the perfect hint of burnt goodness. Does anyone else have a favorite flan recipe?

  1. There’s a Peruvian restaurant in SF called Piqueos that makes the most incredible flan. It has more of a cheesecake consistency but the same caramel flavor. My suspicion is that it’s more like something called quesillo, a Venezuelan-style flan that has cream cheese. I think they make it in Cuba, too. I will try to get the recipe from Carlos! Now, I’m inspired.

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