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Lunch for $15 or Less in Downtown LA: New Moon

In Food, On Location: Out and About in L.A. on April 1, 2009 at 6:06 pm

new moon

My friend Max, who is a DA in the Bay Area, gave me a great idea. Since he couldn’t give me any advice about dealings inside the courtroom, he had some for outside the jury box, namely lunch. So for the duration of my jury service, I’ll be looking for cheap eats that cost less than $15 (which is what they “pay” you for jury service; I’ll actually be donating my fees). Thanks, Max, great idea!

Today I met one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world for lunch since she works a stone’s throw from the courthouse. We hopped on the DASH bus at Second/Spring (it only costs 25¢!) and cruised down to New Moon on Spring/9th. Back when I used to work in fashion, she and I used to grab a chicken salad here, and then head across the street to browse at the now-defunct fashion bookstore in the New Mart, or visit one of the showrooms in that building. Once we got trapped in an elevator at the New Mart, and I started hyperventilating. She whipped out a large volume on Dior: The Early Years that she’d just purchased, and started reading aloud. It was instantly calming, not to mention fascinating. The next 45 minutes flew by.

But back to New Moon. It’s seen better days (but haven’t we all?). But the service is super friendly, the Original New Moon Chinese Chicken Salad is still good (and huge, huge portions so get a small unless you’re sharing) and I love the wontons they still bring out at the beginning with the sweet dipping sauce. We got an order of potstickers, a large original chicken salad and two Arnold Palmers, for which the total bill before tip was $22. Throw in a well-heeled clientele to boot.

potstickerchinese chicken salad

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