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Meatloaf to the Rescue

In Food on March 31, 2009 at 8:09 am


Yesterday I had jury duty, and was exhausted by the time it was all over (guess who got on a jury?). So we decided to try takeout from Larchmont Larder, where we’d been when it first opened and enjoyed, but hadn’t been back in a couple months. We wanted something easy and extra comforting so we went with the meatloaf. It’s a classic blend of pork, beef and veal, and comes with a naughty mushroom cream gravy, which, let’s be honest, was kind of just what the doctor ordered. It’s not cheap—for four slices of meatloaf, and sides of sauteed spinach and mushrooms with shallots and herbs—it came to $35. But when you consider that I spent $17 on an egg salad sandwich and an Arnold Palmer last week at Café Midi, it’s a little easier to swallow. Plus, the meatloaf was satisfying and good, and we have leftovers.

Update 4/3/09: I feel it’s important to call out my friend Selena’s comment in the section below. She and her office ordered takeout from Larchmont Larder today, and it was very disappointing. It seems there are consistency issues, e.g. our meatloaf was tender and tasty on Monday night, yet a sandwich order with meatloaf today was like a “brick of clay.” Please post if you have any recent experiences—good and bad, please.

  1. Just picked up sandwiches for the office and I am so disappointed. It looked amazing, I was so excited to eat there until I put the sandwich in my mouth. Portobello was charred and bread was old, vinaigrette too sweet. A co worker got the meatloaf sandwich which he compared to a brick of clay but said his bread was good. Other co-workers got the Scandinavian sandwich and the Waldorff salad, which they both said were decent but not something they would order again. Gravlax on the Scandinavian sandwich was mushy as if it had been frozen at some point, but, not too bad, was still fairly tasty. I really hope they can pull things together and get consistent. It looks amazing and seems like it has great potential. Wish we had your experience. 😦

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