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In Fashion on March 29, 2009 at 8:38 am

helmut lang

A couple weeks ago I was at a party and my friend Shana was wearing this killer Missoni skirt. I totally freaked out over it, and turns out she snapped it up for a song (like under $100!!!!) from Gilt Groupe. Gilt Groupe offers sales of up to 70 percent on luxury brands. I hadn’t been on the site for awhile, because even 40% off an Oscar de La Renta dress can still rival the better part of a mortgage payment, but then saw that a Helmut Lang sale was on the horizon. Helmut Lang used to be one of my faves, back when the man himself was at the helm. I haven’t purchased a single item from the label since he left in 2005. Then again, I haven’t purchased a single item from any label in a quite some time, because let’s face it, who can spend the money right now?

But then I saw this crinkled taffeta blazer in oyster gray with single flap pockets (functional) and a vent at the back hem on sale at Gilt Groupe. The best part? The price tag: $158, down from $550! Of course it all adds up, which is why I’m talking myself out of a bone-colored Costume National square toe flat with suede trim for $198. Sometimes parting is such sweet sorrow.

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